Vaucluse - the essence of Provence

The department of Vaucluse (84) has it all: the lavender fields, the vineyards, the most beautiful villages, the food, the wine, the markets - and a few of the most magnificent attractions in Mont Ventoux and Avignon with the Pope Palace (see description in the GUIDE, click here)

We think that the Vaucluse department is the most interesting part of Provence. Just because it has it all. In Vaucluse there are a lot of places we have fallen for. Let us mention: the "Bald mountain", Mt. Ventoux, the Luberon with villages like Lourmarin, Bonnieux, Roussillon, Gordes,  the city of Avignon, Isle sur Sorgue and in the outskirts Les Alpilles. All this makes Vaucluse very special.


Mont Ventoux - the giant of Provence. You may well call the mountain the landmark of Vaucluse, at least it rages up in a landscape that has many hills and mountains, but nothing that measures Ventoux's height. 1902 meters above sea level makes it by no means one of the highest mountains in France - but especially the role of the mountain in the Tour de France history has made it something special. By many called The Mythical Mountain. But dear children have many names, and most of all it is known (at any rate in Denmark) as the Bald Mountain because of its very special nature on top.

Notre-Dame de Senanque is located a few kilometers from Gordes - and it's a beautiful and spectacular trip. It was about 850 years ago that a community of cistercian monks was formed here. The monastery is well maintained and is still inhabited by a community of monks.There is open daily for visitors and there are usually always many tourists. There are several daily tours in the buildings. See more at the monastery's own website:

Isle-sur-Sorgue features in particular two outstanding qualities: the location by the river and the city's markets. Because of the first, the city is often referred to as "Venice of France". Because of the second, people fly to the city in large flocks on Thursday, where there is a food market and Sunday where the largest antique market in the region (biggest aouside Paris) is held. It is a real charm of a town with many restaurants, some of them located by the river. Read more about the city in The Guide, here

The world of wine

Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Cairanne, Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Rasteau, Seguret, Sablet, and all the other well-known wines and wine villages in Vaucluse. They all lay like pearls on a string - take time off and enjoy life!

Read more about wine and Côte du Rhône in the GUIDE / WINE


The Rhône River

The Rhône River flows through southern France. It runs from more than 800 km north, namely in Switzerland. It is a slope for many kilometers of viticulture in Côte du Rhône, one of the world's most recognized wine areas.



Dentelles des Montmirail

Dentelles des Montmirail is a small mountain chain, which over a distance of 15 km forms a freak pattern of impressive peaks. A hike or, for that matter, a bike ride in the after all not particularly difficult terrain is highly recommended. And of course, we must recommend a stay in one of our Seguret B & B, from which there is an outstanding view of the mountain range.


Luberon and it's villages

In Luberon lies a pearl of famous villages. Names like Gordes, Roussillion, Menerbes, Bonnieux, Lacoste, Lourmarin and many others. Here is beautiful, some places almost indescribable, especially where Mt. Ventoux rises in the horizon.

We can certainly recommend going to the area. Here is beautiful, but here is also touristy. Gordes, in particular, attracts many tourists, but it is also unique. The view from the city beyond the landscape is magnifique.

Our favorites in Luberon? If we only are aloud to mention two, it must be Menerbes and Lourmarin. But.... we must mention one more: Cucuron. Very cosy, nice restaurants. And it was here they shot many of the scenes from the famous film, A Good Year with Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard. If you have't seen it - and if you like a good romantic story with lots of spectacular views of Provence/Luberon, go for it.