The 100 % subjective guide to wonderful Provence

The guide to Provence/Côte d'Azur

Our guide is an attempt to wake up your appetite in relation to some of the places we have visited. Since we have not been anywhere, and since the guide is subjective, you may think something is missing. It may be that it's coming - it may also be that it does not.

The guide should be regarded as an appetizer and inspiration for what is worth a visit to Provence. It is insufficient and you can find other far larger and more in-depth guides. In this guide, we do not use many words on all the things you can read about in the more touristy guides. Instead, we try to give examples of some of the good experiences we've encountered - many such a bit away from the beaten track. But remember: we are not the only ones who have discovered Provence.

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The capital of the Cote d'Azur is Nice. A city we return to as often as possible. Therefore, Nice has its own menu item here in the guide. Discover Nice by clicking on the picture, or even better: go there .....

La Prom

Major cities: Marseille, Avignon og Aix

In addition to Nice, there are certainly other interesting major cities in Provence. The three we will mention in this guide are: Marseille, Avignon and Aix-en-Provence

Pope palace in Avignon

Small and medium size cities

The cities in this category are very different in size as well as meaning. But they are cities we have a relationship with - proportions of varying size. We take them in a row somewhat from east to west.

Vence, Frejus, Draguignan, Lorgues, Cotignac, Salon de Provence, St. Remy de Provence, Les Baux and Isle sur Sorgue


Street in St. Remy

The food

Food and wine are topics that attract people all over the globe. A lot of Scandinavians travel to the Mediterranean to enjoy not only the food and the wine, but also the whole food culture

Le Marché

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Our love for France is great, and it applies throughout France. But of course there are favorites. Nice is a favorite - and Vaucluse is a favorite. In Vaucluse we find it all, in one way or another, all that we associate with Provence unites.

Here the sky is high and blue, it is extremely beautiful, the smell of lavender, thyme and rosemary, the sound of the cicadas , and even the wine is fantastic. On these edges, some of the best wines that this earththey make  can produce - and the wine and vineyards make its mark to the Departement.

Vaucluse with Mt. Ventoux in horizon


The department of Var (83) is one of the six departments that make up PACA (ProvenceAlpesCoted'Azur). The main city is Toulon, but other names are more known than that. Coastal towns like St. Tropez, Sainte Maxime and Frejus and inland areas such as Draguignan, Fayence, Brignoles, Lorgues, Cotignac and Tourtour. 


Market in Cotignac

The wine

As everyone knows, the French have discovered all the secrets and mysteries with the wine many centuries ago. Much can be said and written (and there has been) about wine in France - here at C'est la Vie we have a couple of subjective opinions and some good tips. Take to Provence - and to the Côte du Rhône


Winetasting in Rasteau

Lac St. Cassien