Food - an inevitable theme in Provence

The markets

It is impossible to get all the way around all the many amazing eateries in the region. So this food guide is a very small selection of all the excellence Provence offers to people who are happy with food.

Many Danes live in rented homes when in Provence, so this section is not just about eating places, but also a little about where to buy the food to be cooked at home in the kitchen or over the barbecue in the evening.

Frenchmen have a special relationship to food. In France, for centuries, a food culture has developed, which has a completely different focus on quality and enjoyment than we know it in our cold part of the world. It is seen and experienced everywhere - but let's just mention the different markets, found everywhere in big and small cities. Here you will find a huge selection of delicious products, and at least the food markets speak of high quality goods. Do not go to a village or city without visiting the local market. See list of markets under LINKS

When staying in the larger cities, pay attention to Les Halles. It is the local market, gathered in an indoor hall. It is open every day until about noon, and it is a place that the locals are heading for.

The food and where to buy it

First of all: when the food is to be purchased, there are different places to look at: the market where there is a large selection of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, fish and meat. Under the menu item LINKS, you can find out which days there are markets in the different cities of Luberon and Var. Then there are the big supermarkets, Leclerc, Super U, Intermarché and others. The latter naturally have their great strength in the range of goods. On the food range, it can be a very overwhelming selection. The fishing department alone can be as big as a small supermarket, and we often shop in those places with great pleasure. However, we must admit that in recent years, the quality of many places seems to be declining, and we are acting less and less in the supermarkets.

But the small specialty stores are of course worth the effort, and they still are to find even in the smallest villages. Even though there are fewer of them, in many small towns there is still a serious and proper butcher, more often a baker and in many cases also a tabac where you can usually buy a little bit of everything.

In this little section we will also focus on some of the little special places you'll find around. To get the good and different experiences requires some curiosity. Stop, drive for the sign from the main road, a little away from the highway, you often find something that you did not even imagine. Do not let the facade cheat - things often do not look very fancy, but the quality of the commodities certainly does not matter. When driving around, you encounter places in which to buy the olive oil. Let's mention the old oil mill in Callas, Le Moulin a Huile de Callas. Below Callas lies the picturesque oil mill, which is now renovated and expanded with a gallery. Here it is possible to get a taste of how to produce cold-pressed olive oil.

Drive off at Le Muy and follow D25 towards Callas.

"Others live to eat - I eat to live" (Socrates)

Lots of literature about food in France has been written. Lots of people have expressed themselves on the subject so extensively that it does not make sense to imagine that this guide should cover at all the extent to which the theme of food or gastronomy unfolds in southern France. This is and will be our completely subjective sharing of experiences we have had by travelling around. In addition to those we mention, there has been a lot that we do not remember or which we do not think are worth mentioning.

To the right you will see links to many of the places we mention around the website. Below we will discuss a few more.

We have eaten a lot of places where we had never come if we had not got a hint that there was something interesting to get here. Many places have not looked like anything from the outside, and in some places one can almost say that we had never gone inside unless we had been predicted. Auberge de la Môle is such a place. Decorated in a former gas tank from the outside, it looks like a little sad cafe. But once you get inside, a provencal restaurant of the highest octane is revealed. Remember to book a table in advance - it has become a popular place.

La Môle is located in the middle of the N 98 between Hyeres and Cogolin and the address is: Place de l'Eglise 83310 La Mole,

And when we are on the subject, we must mention Auberge de Correns. The village is located between Brignoles and Cotignac. So we are in Var. The area has grown on biological and organic cultivation, and has a slogan called Vous êtes à Correns, 1er Village Bio de France. In the middle of the village lies the small Auberge, hotel and restaurant.  Five nice rooms, if you want to stay for a night. We have eaten there twice - the food and the service have been excellent. Here is a three course menu for around 22 euros, and that's good.

Remember, we more often make updates of places to eat in sections with descriptions of apartments and in the Guide describing the cities and villages.

Une carafe d'eau, s'il vous plait

Keep in mind that in France it is quite common to drink plain tap water for food. You do not have to pay for a bottle with or without soda if you do not feel like it. It is even okay not to drink anything else than the water.


Café Gourmand - highly recommended

If you are into desserts and have a little trouble deciding whether to be a Creme brulee, Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, Profiterôles or something fifth, yes, the French have invented a brilliant little thing. Look at the dinner card, if it should be possible to get a Café Gourmand. It is a small cafe (usually exchanged for a café creme if you want) and then three to four small desserts. That way, the choice will not be as difficult as it may be.


Numbers and facts

It is estimated that about 10 million baguettes are sold daily in France.