Large and unique houses with space for the whole family

C'est la Vie ProvenceRejser present an exclusive program of large houses in Provence - authentic and luxurious. 

We often receive inquiries about the rent of large houses. When you want to gather the whole family to celebrate a special anniversary or when a circle of friends wants to go together and enjoy themselves in a wonderful setting.

The owners we cooperate with have in common that they own completely unique houses. These are houses at the expensive end. But it must necessarily be so because quality costs money. The owners do not compromise, and we do neither.

When you rent a house through C'est la Vie ProvenceRejser, we are with you all the way. Most of our houses would you also be able to find through international or french online providers, but by renting the house through us you will be assured that the quality is in top and we help and service you throughout the process . We will give you tips for everything you need before and during your stay.

As mentioned, you could (maybe) find these places online elsewhere. Here you should be aware that the same house is often offered through several different websites. It is first and foremost some of the major international players on the market. Where you enter and search among thousands of offered houses - and where the provider often, because it becomes non-transparent, has put extra fees on the price. On the other hand, they have turned down for the service :)

Find your house below (if you want to open the apartment in a new window, click on the name of the house):

Where and what?

Look at our program - there is a lot of options if you are a big family or group of friends who want to travel together. All houses are unique and there are sleeping places for 10 to 16 people.The houses are located in the western part of Provence, in Vaucluse and in Var. As you can read about many places on our website, we are particularly pleased with this part of the South of France. For many reasons, let's name a few: In our opinion, this is the most beautiful part of PACA, here is not as expensive as the Cote d'Azur (especially the area around Nice) - and people are more relaxed and kind. There are also not so many tourists on their edges.

And what about the price?

Well, we have tried this for some years now. The fact is that when we compare our prices with the major providers - no one mentioned, no one forgotten - we are never more expensive and almost every time cheaper. Sometimes even significantly cheaper. We have seen many examples of that, the latest (December 2018) is: We have sold a week in one of the large houses to 3,300 euros. A price comparison with the two largest and most well-known providers of holiday homes and apartments fell out to our advantage. They demanded 3,425 euros and 3,736 euros respectively for exactly the same thing.

We have a great love for France and especially for the south of France. That's why we made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel.

All in all, we love to travel - and like everyone else, we get help from the internet. But we also think that everything has become very impersonal. We can buy our travels or stays with huge companies that are completely impersonal, who do not know the word service and who are not available in speech. That is another reason for having made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel. If you want expertise, personality and service, try us out. On top we are cheaper than the aforementioned companies, because we do not add "service fee" etc. on the price.

Call or write to us. Tel. (+45) 23 72 03 66 or email