A little about our background - and what you find here with us

The basis

The basis for C'est la Vie Provence Travel is a great love for traveling in France. Here is beautiful everywhere, and we want to get away all the time. Come on France, nous sommes prêts!

And what about the price?

Well, we have tried this for some years now. The fact is that when we compare our prices with the major providers - no one mentioned, no one forgotten - we are never more expensive and almost every time cheaper. Sometimes even significantly cheaper. We have seen many examples of that, the latest (December 2018) is: We have sold a week in one of the large houses to 3,300 euros. A price comparison with the two largest and most well-known providers of holiday homes and apartments fell out to our advantage. They demanded 3,425 euros and 3,736 euros respectively for exactly the same thing.

We have seen many corners of the country and we want to see even more. But we must also acknowledge that we have lost the largest part of our francophile hearts to Provence. The heat, the food, the wine, the lavender fields, the colors, the atmosphere and everything else that makes this part of Europe something special in our eyes. The jewel in the crown. 

Traveling together as couples is a lot different from when the children were with us. The needs have changed, you no longer want to lay in a bad and narrow bed in a small chamber at risk of being awakened by the neighbor's screaming children. We have been there, now we are on.

Now we want to stay with quality. Therefore, we highly recommend overnight stays in one of our apartments in Nice or at our selected Chambres d'hôtes. Selected because of the quality, the atmosphere, the hosts, the location, etc. You simply get a lot more for your money here than at a hotel at a similar price level.

If you are many traveling together, we have many options to accommodate you. First of all, of course, in one of the the large houses or the magnificent apartment on Cours Saleya in Nice. But accommodation at our Chambres d'hôtes can also be recommended for groups. We can offer accomodation in this way for groups of up to 14 people.

C'est la Vie ProvenceRejser

C'est la Vie ProvenceRejser has an ambition to create beautiful experiences in Provence. At C'est la Vie we appreciate life and the experiences we can take care of. We guarantee that we will make every effort to ensure that the journey you buy through us becomes such an experience that you will come again. Our goal is also that the trips we offer lie in a reasonable price. We have not chosen the cheapest solutions - but we have neither chosen the most expensive ones. We have chosen those where there is Value for Money.

On our website you can read about a lot of what we have experienced. We have traveled a lot in France and we think we have seen a lot - but of course it will only be a fraction of all that the country offers. This means that the range of destinations and themes is subjectively chosen. Were we in 2011 turned to the right instead of to the left, there were things on these pages that had looked different. But it is precisely what must separate our product from someone else's. In some places, the reader will probably think: yes, we know so well, we can read about it in any guide. Therefore, we are talking very little about the things you can read much more about the big guides, and instead we try to go a little deeper with what we think may be a different inspiration for our readers. 

Who are our customers?

Anybody wanting to go to the south of France. We thought from the beginning that all our customers would be like ourselves: 55+ and travelling without children, but reality has been another. There are some from this group, but every year we are also helping many families to nice holidays in PACA.

We are working together with people and companies we have found through our many travels and thorough research. They are local people who burn to create good experiences for the guests - all in the C'est la Vie spirit. If you rent a house, apartment or any other accomodation through us, we guarantee that you will be taken care of in the best possible way.

Why use us?

You can find everything on the internet yourself. In addition to spending a lot of time there is also the risk that reality is not always as in the pictures.When planning your next trip, you want to do it as well as possible. The selection is big and it can quickly become a bit confusing. Today there are huge search engines where you can quickly find a large selection of apartments, houses, chambres d'hôtes etc., but there is not much personality about it. If you go through a small company like us, there is a guarantee that you will be followed all the way. With us, you become a personality and we become an important part of your efforts to create the truly amazing holiday that you would like to create for you and yours.

We also have links to many other useful "francophile" pages. Fortunately, many share the passion with us - and it is possible find inspiration for this passion in many other places than here with C'est la Vie.

In return, we do not offer a website full of banner ads. You also do not find links to dubious and passionate collaborators - for those we do not want to deal with. We would like to spend time on people who have something at heart and who have a heart that sincerely knocks for France and Provence. We are a small enterprise, and we have created C'est la Vie because we have something at heart.

Nor do we offer to try to repent those who have had France in their throats. There are still those who claim that Frenchmen are arrogant and unfriendly. We must note that after a long journey of long life in the French corner of the world, it is so far from our image, but if one thinks so, we should not take time to repent. There are unfriendly people everywhere, and of course we have also met people in France that were not accessible. But that's the way everywhere - have we not all met such one at the domestic latitudes?


We have a great love for France and especially for the south of France. That's why we made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel.

All in all, we love to travel - and like everyone else, we get help from the internet. But we also think that everything has become very impersonal. We can buy our travels or stays with huge companies that are completely impersonal, who do not know the word service and who are not available in speech. That is another reason for having made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel. If you want expertise, personality and service, try us out. On top we are cheaper than the aforementioned companies, because we do not add "service fee" etc. on the price.

Call or write to us. Tel. (+45) 23 72 03 66 or email kontakt@cestlavie.dk