Gîtes - independent houses of various sizes in Provence

A very popular way of having holiday in France is to rent a gîte.
We have gathered a small selection.

What is a Gîte? We found this explanation somewhere:

Qu'est-ce qu'un gîte?

Le gîte (rural) est une location de vacances située dans une maison indépendante ou un logement comportant une ou plusieurs chambres, un salon/salle à manger, un espace cuisine ainsi que les sanitaires correspondants, et un espace extérieur.

Or in English: an independent (country) residence with one or more bedrooms, a living / dining room, a kitchen area and an attached bathroom (s) as well as an outdoor area.

The above mentioned is undeniably a very broad definition, and it surely reflects very well the picture we see. Since the various search engines have somewhere around 40-50,000 houses classified under the designation, it goes without saying that they are very different houses. Big and small, cheap and expensive, some far out in the countryside others close to a town or village, there are many to choose from.
We have taken our point of departure in the geography. We try to find houses that are close to some of the places we appreciate. That makes sense, because then you are not far from the places we recommend in different places here on the website. We start, as we have done with the apartments, with a few, and then we build on from there.

Check if these are something for you:

There are up to 48,000 registered Gîtes in France. It goes without saying: it's a bit of a jungle. It is not at all certain that those we present on this page are something for you. But then ask us what you are looking for - we have gained the experience of searching the right places. We will try to help you get the right place.

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