"Incredibly clean rooms" - "Excellent location" - "You are lucky, prices have just fallen"

This is a selection of the repeated phrases that you will meet in 2019 when booking hotel room, apartment and house. If you too are tired of the totally template-like and usual passages, the impersonal phrases and all the super-superlatives, take a look at our site. When you contact us  there is a real living person at the other end of the mail or phone. It' s real life. Have a nice time trying!

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19 specially selected apartments, most of them with balcony or terrace

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Check our selction of big and small houses in the most of Southern France and with space for up to 16 persons

C'est la Vie are the specialists
we have a fine selcetion of Chambres d'hôtes and cooperate with some of the in this category

Guide to Provence
Denmarks  biggest and very subjective guide to Provence 
with a lot of inspira- tion to the nice places, food and wine

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What is C'est la Vie - and what can we help with
? Read about the passion and about our small company

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NEWS:   Unique apartment (151 m2) for 8 prs. on Cours Saleya in Nice - call (+45) 23 72 03 66
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Intro discount:   On our newest apartment in Nice, Longchamp, we give 20 % discount on the first three reservations -
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C' est la Vie: expertise and personality

Rent an apartment in Nice, a stay at Chambres d'hôtes or in a big or small and lovely house - at the right prices and with a personal service all the way through

C'est la Vie Provence Travel is a small travel company with a simple basis: a great love for France and Provence in particular. Provence has become the passion.
You should contact C'est la Vie if you want what you do not find until after many years of searching. We have handpicked the places we present. We know the owners, we know the places - we have slept in many of the beds, we have been shopping on the market and we have eaten at the local restaurant.
You do not buy the trip or stay with us. You buy directly from the owner, so we are not an expensive intermediary. We are connecting people and make sure to connect the customer - you - with the owner of the wonderful places we have found and made agreements with. Read more under "About us - and Provence".
As described, you pay exactly the same as if you order directly on the owner's website. And with us you usually pay less than with "the big" providers who are really good at charging various fees on the price. Test us!
But we also offer you more than that: a personal service, which you hardly find anywhere else.
If your need is more or is different than what you find here on the pages, please contact us. Every year we help couples, families or groups on vacations in beautiful Southern France. Look under "Need Help?"

Contact us on email: kontakt@cestlavie.dk or phone (+45) 23 72 03 66 (we speak English, German and French)

We have a great love for France and especially for the south of France. That's why we made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel.

All in all, we love to travel - and like everyone else, we get help from the internet. But we also think that everything has become very impersonal. We can buy our travels or stays with huge companies that are completely impersonal, who do not know the word service and who are not available in speech. That is another reason for having made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel. If you want expertise, personality and service, try us out. On top we are cheaper than the aforementioned companies, because we do not add "service fee" etc. on the price.

Call or write to us. Tel. (+45) 23 72 03 66 or email kontakt@cestlavie.dk