Chambres d'hôtes in Var

Solskin i Var i Frankrig

Warm Var - a departement in Provence

Var (dep. 83) is one of the largest of the departements that make up the PACA.

Many have been to Provence without knowing that they have been in Var. Often it is referred to as "Nice's hinterland", and many do not know the departement, but on the other hand, they know the cities and other place names associated therewith. If you say St. Tropez, Sainte Maxime, Gorges du Verdon etc., people know what you are talking about.

Here are a lot of very nice places - and as shown elsewhere on this website, we are especially pleased with the area around Cotignac. However, the area is perhaps known for the "French Grand Canyon", the Gorges de Verdon. A very beautiful and unique area, which a lot of tourists go to visit. It's also huge, so it's easy to find your own way to places where you can have nice experiences - if not entirely for yourself, then without all the tourists of Provence in same area. 

The picture above shows a look at the artificial lake, Lac St. Croix, with some of the clearest water you can see in this world. The lake, the life around the lake, the surrounding villages and, for instance hiking in the cliffs are unique experiences that we would like to guide you to.


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La Câlinade

If you consider going to Gorges du Verdon, then we have the place for you to stay. At Nathalie and Philippe you will find it all. A wonderful place - and the perfect starting point for trips into some of the most amazing scenery that France can offer. Lots of opportunities to travel around by car, by bike and on foot on one of the area's many marked hiking routes.

Five minutes drive from Lac St. Croix and a lot of water activities.

Udsigt over hus i Radassiere i Frankrig


In walking distance from one of the most charming villages in Var, Cotignac, you can stay and eat well at Maryse og Richards place. A cosy home in the middle of one of the most authentic places in Provence.

Udsigt over huse i La Paliere i Frankrig

La Paliere

At Sylvie you will stay some hundred meters outside correns, the biological village in Var. Be there latest at 18.30 for check-in - because at that time the rosé is served at the terrace.

The little extra in Radassiere:

  • nice big rooms and bathrooms
  • friendly and accomodating hosts
  • location just outside Cotignac and "paradise"

The little extra in La Paliere:

  • extremely sweet and helpfull host, Sylvie
  • wonderfull breakfast to strart the day
  • rosé is served every evning on the terrace

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