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Swimmingpool med udsigt over de franske bjerge

What is Chambres d'hôtes?

The most obvious is to translate it into Bed & Breakfast, but it is much more than that.

It is a concept that the French have built up during many years. There are many Chambres d'hôtes in the country, a shot from our side is around 30,000 units throughout France.

Benefits of staying at Chambres d'hôtes:

  • higher quality compared to staying at the hotel especially the quality of the breakfast is classes better than the ones on hotels.
  • It is aloud to have max. 5 rooms so they are smaller places with greater cosiness and authenticity service-minded owners who help you in every way possible.
  • At many of the sites the owners offer meals, the socalled Tables d'hôtes and this for very reasonable money.

It is easy and simple for you as a customer to create the balance between privacy and participation in the social life of the host couple.


Udendørs terrasse med spisebord i Frankrig

Why C'est la Vie?

To be honest and in all modesty, we do not think there are many in Scandinavia who have a greater knowledge of this type of accommodation than we have. We have stayed in a lot of the kind and we have got great knowledge about it. This means that we constantly follow the development, and we can always find the right place for our customers.

We have chosen very few partners, and with them we have developed a partnership where you as a customer get extra value for money, which we will guarantee you.

You can find Chambres d'hôtes in all price-classes, from around 60 euros per night and up to a lot of money. Remember that the breakfast is always included.

As said, our knowledge in the field is great - if your route goes beyond the places we have here on the website, please contact us. We can certainly help you anyway.

Morgenmad bed-and-breakfast i Frankrig

Why Chambres d'hôtes?

Our selected B & Bs are spread throughout Provence. They are all places we have visited and we quarantee the quality.

We have selected our locations based on several different parameters. But since we have also stayed with hosts whom we did not find particularly accommodating and obviously saw this as a clean business, the most important thing for us was that at our selected B & Bs we meet friendly, accommodating and service-minded hosts who will do everything for your stay to be optimal.

So the three most important parameters for us are:

  • Quality and price are related
  • The location
  • The hosts

In the eastern part of the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) we focus on Nice and Vence. Many Scandinavians, who travel to the south of France, will arrive in Nice.

In the western part of Provence, we mainly focus on the department of Vaucluse and the area around Avignon, Mont Ventoux and Luberon.

C'est la Vie is cooperating closely with the owners of B & Bs scattered in Provence. These B & Bs are selected because of the high quality of the places - but also because of the owners' courtesy, helpfulness and expertise.

Quality is the keyword of all our selected Chambres d'hôtes. There are also others than us who have found these places. Therefore, there is a risk that they are occupied. You have to be out very early to be sure to get a share of the good experiences that are waiting for you at our partners. But try - call or write to us with your wishes and we try to help you all we can. If there is no room with one of our partners, we know the areas so well that we can usually recommend something else.

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We have a great love for France and especially for the south of France. That's why we made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel.

All in all, we love to travel - and like everyone else, we get help from the internet. But we also think that everything has become very impersonal. We can buy our travels or stays with huge companies that are completely impersonal, who do not know the word service and who are not available in speech. That is another reason for having made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel. If you want expertise, personality and service, try us out. On top we are cheaper than the aforementioned companies, because we do not add "service fee" etc. on the price.

Call or write to us. Tel. (+45) 23 72 03 66 or email kontakt@cestlavie.dk