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Expert knowledge, personality and handpicked places

C'est la Vie ProvenceRejser is a small travel company. Our basis is simple: Fallen in love with France, experience in travelling in the country, and last but not least, great desire to convey our knowledge about this. We are driven by the passion for Provence.You must contact C'est la Vie if you want what you don't find until after many years of search. Most of the places we present here can be found online. When you use C'est la Vie, you will be part of the expert knowledge we have about the places - we can guide you the right place. We have hand picked all the places we present. We know the owners, we know the places - we have slept in the beds we have traded on the city market and we have eaten at the local restaurant.All of this does not cost you extra. You pay exactly the same as if you order directly on the owner's website.

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C'est la Vie


Inspiration and tips

To the many Danes and other nationalities who travel in France, we have made this universe. Our hope is that here you will find something you can use. Inspiration, a good tip, something new - or maybe an offer you want to make use of.

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If you can not find the time or a way to find your way to Provence, we will help you. Look at the menu item "Should we help?" 

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On this website you can find inspiration for your next trip to the South of France.

But it does not stop at inspiration. At C'est la Vie you can also find a place to stay when you come to Provence. We help and we guide you - but you can also choose from the ever-large selection of apartments, houses, chambres d'hôtes etc.

Compare us to the "big" providers on the market. You will be surprised that not only our service is better - in a lot of cases our prices are too. And then we also have some exclusive offers that you will not find anywhere else.


Inspiration Guide

We have made a guide to the good experiences in southern France. Lots of tips for your stay in PACA. We do not compete with the major tourist guides where you can get all information about a subject or area. This is a personal guide where we guide you to the interesting experiences, such as restaurants, wine traders, cultural experiences etc.  

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We have a vision to develop this site as a gathering place for those who have a special interest in France and who want to travel to France.

There are those who think it has become "out of date" to travel to France, and it has become less "in" to be frankophilic. That's not true. Generally we all travel more, and that is why there are many who have taken other destinations. Fair enough. But still France is the main tourist destination in the world - and for Scandinavians it is so, that many still are travelling to southern France. Each time we go to Nice, the plane is full with Danes, Swedes and Norwegians and everywhere in Provence we hear the Scandinavian languages spoken.

As mentioned before, we are attracted to the good climate, the many exciting cities, the history, the culture, the food and the wine, the relaxed way of life and the French people's special way of being French.

In C'est la Vie we are seeing an increasing interest in France and all that the country offers. This website is a contribution to further increase this interest. 

Provence Travels



Why travel to Provence? There is a lot of good reasons to travel elsewhere, and a lot of Scandinavians do so. Italy, Spain and the former Yugoslavian countries attract Northern European tourists - and, as said before, there can be plenty of good reasons for this. But some people think that Provence is a very special destination. We belong to that group, and here we will try to describe what is hiding behind this enthusiasm.

Of course, the weather is part of it. But that is not different from the other countries around the Mediterranean. Then there is the food. It is something special. But it is also so in the other countries. And much of what we experience on the culinary scene in Provence, we could also experience in other countries around the Mediterranean. For the food is very Mediterranée.

No, what - in addition to the weather, the food and the wine - makes Provence something special, is this: the colors, the fragrances, the mood and the joy of life. All this is reflected in life as it happens seven days a week, year-round - and that has attracted us and made us dependent.

We have also traveled in the before mentioned countries, and we understand that some have it the same way with those places as we have it with Provence. Therefore, we will mention one last thing where we think Provence stands out (though the competition is tough): there are even more interesting towns and villages in Provence than in any other Mediterranean country. It is a claim - but we are 100% behind that claim.

And remember, Provence is not the same as the Côte d'Azur. There is a nice coastline, but don't think you have experienced Provence just because you have been to Nice, Cannes and Cassis.

Detaljeret kort over Sydfrankrig

Chambres d'hôtes

We are sure that there are not many in Denmark who know so much and have so much experience with the special concept in France, called Chambres d'hôtes. It's a unique way to stay - combines the high quality with authenticity and good atmosphere. There are around 30,000 Chambres d`hôtes in France, so let us help you to find the best ways into the jungle. At Cést la Vie you "risk" meet some amazing friendly and helpful hosts who offer a beautiful setting and something that has a touch of luxury. Perfect for lovers of life.

Read more about the concept here

Tourism in the south of France

South of France is a popular tourist destination. It is estimated that revenue from tourism amounts to around 10 billion Euro. That is a kind of money. It also shows that there are many about the bid. We can (hopefully) inspire you to find the good places in PACA. 

We have a great love for France and especially for the south of France. That's why we made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel.

All in all, we love to travel - and like everyone else, we get help from the internet. But we also think that everything has become very impersonal. We can buy our travels or stays with huge companies that are completely impersonal, who do not know the word service and who are not available in speech. That is another reason for having made C’est la Vie | Provence Travel. If you want expertise, personality and service, try us out. On top we are cheaper than the aforementioned companies, because we do not add "service fee" etc. on the price.

Call or write to us. Tel. (+45) 23 72 03 66 or email kontakt@cestlavie.dk